The partnership leverages Flowspace software and adds more than 30 temperature-controlled cold storage facilities to its fulfilment network

Fresh Del Monte Produce and software platform and distribution network Flowspace have announced a partnership to add 30 of Tricont Logistics’ temperature-controlled storage facilities to the Flowspace network of more than 100 fulfilment centres.

Foto: Fresh Del Monte

Image: Del Monte

Tricont Trucking and Tricont Logistics is Del Monte’s third-party trucking and logistics company.

According to Del Monte, Tricont will use Flowspace’s software to streamline the growth of Tricont Logistics, which services all types of customers, primarily urgent, complex supply chains.

The partnership allows Del Monte to continue leveraging its assets and growing its third-party logistics business, while also expanding capacity for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands requiring temperature-controlled facilities within Flowspace’s existing network.

Tricont will leverage Flowspace’s OmniFlow software to orchestrate and optimise omnichannel fulfilment within its facilities for fulfilment and enhance its logistics capabilities.

“Flowspace software streamlines the end-to-end fulfilment operation, improving visibility and orchestration for merchants and fulfilment operators alike,” said Frank Garcia, senioer vice-president of operations at Flowspace.

“Together with Tricont, we are reshaping the logistics landscape for CPG companies, setting a new standard for excellence in fulfilment.”

Del Monte’s said that its logistics arm was continuing to grow as the company identified new ways to optimise its assets and generate additional streams of income.

“We’re excited to partner with Flowspace as a way to further optimise the use of our temperature-controlled storage facilities for third parties,” said Ziad Nabulsi, Fresh Del Monte’s senior vice-president of North America operations.

“We believe Flowspace’s technology designed to facilitate ecommerce and retail fulfilment will help us continue expanding our Tricont Logistics business to be able to offer our best-in-class logistics services to more customers.”